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No-Crush roller, lamella roller, honeycomb roller:

No-Crush roller, lamella roller, honeycomb roller by tecrolls,

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We manufacture for you:

  • single pieces and batches ..
  • that, what you need ..
  • and all "Made In Germany"

Honeycomb rolls / lamellar rolls / no-crush rolls as tires or with plain bearings:

  • monolithic version without bush;
  • with bushes made of PUR88D;
  • with bushes made of PUR88D, impact-resistant fiber-reinforced;
  • with bushes made of aluminum, sintered bronze;
  • with bushes made of steel, stainless steel;
  • with clamping bushes;

Honeycomb rollers / lamellar rollers / No-Crush rollers with snap lock fit or cast-in ball bearings:

  • monolithic version, 60 - 80 Shore A with snap lock fit;
  • monolithic version, 16 - 85 Shore A for cast-in ball bearings;